A project by TUM and Hochschule München.

Since the topic if AI and sustainability is very complex and interdisciplinary, we invite experts from different fields and organisations to share their perspectives in the seminar.

  1. Project image of Charlotte Böhm

    Lecturer and Community Manager at Hochschule München

  2. Project image of Helene von Schwichow

    Researcher and Project Manager at Technical University of Munich

  3. Project image of Prof. Dr. Gudrun Socher

    Professor for Computer Science and Mathematics at Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences

  4. Project image of Prof. Dr. Stefan Wurster

    Professorship of Policy Analysis at Technical University of Munich

  5. Project image of Dr. Anne Mollen

    Senior Policy and Advocacy Managerin at AlgorithmWatch

  6. Project image of Johannes Leon Kirnberger

    Policy consultant for AI and sustainability at the OECD

  7. Project image of Dr. Milagros Miceli

    Sociologist and computer scientist

  8. Project image of Carina Legl

    Solution Manager at SAP

  9. Project image of Felix Rank

    Co-founder of the German Forum for Ethical Machine Decision Making

  10. Project image of Julia Gundlach

    Lead of the project “reframe[Tech]” at the Bertelsmann Stiftung

  11. Project image of Dr. Paul Springer

    Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer at MI4people gGmbH

  12. Project image of Stefan Hauser

    Founder Brakeable

  13. Project image of Vinzent Ellissen

    Managing Director of Undiced GmbH

  14. Project image of Lucía Lara Vargas

    Coach and Program Manager at TUM Venture Lab Sustainability & Circular

  15. Project image of Bastian Burger

    Director for Software & AI at TUM Venture Labs

  16. Project image of Dr. Theresa Züger

    Head of AI & Society Lab and Public Interest AI Research Group

  17. Project image of Aurel Stenzel

    Mathematician and cofounder of the SINE Foundation